Monday, August 3, 2009

A weeping Heart

I called you my best friend,
Thought we had no end.
But merciless you were back then,
Shot my heart with your little Bern.

I let you close than anyone else,
In you I had so much confidence.
It might be just another mistake,
Or an experiment to you, I’ll take.

For days you dint talk to me, but it seems to me,
Like for years my heart cried with plea.
Not even an arm when I asked with glee,
You were so distracted, yet had no time to come to me.

I know now, you’ll not understand my weeping heart
Because my dear, you only left me deeply hurt.
You now can’t mend this broken trust,
It’s really gone for sure like a bubble burst.

I knew you, but then that you wouldn’t does something like this,
Everything changed me, my love and our entire stolen kiss.
I’ll now for ever see someone else in your lips,
Do you think you can really change this?!!

I’m now only seeing someone else in your face,
I’m really too disturbed and have lost my peace.
Now that you know our problem’s facet,
Draw the solution to save the rest, cos my dear there’s surely no reset.


Anonymous said...

hey tulip! :)

nice poem... its very sadly beautiful...

best was the penultimate verse! :)

have fun, gr8 start! :)

mysterious gal said...

OMG i realized i just read a poem which seemed as if written by me...i could so much relate to it...when i started reading i was like she writing my life story...sigh!

it was magically beautiful...u left me speechless to comment anything ...ur poem did all the magic....amazing

Loved yr blog name.....amazing :)

Great start keep writing :)

Yellow Tulip said...

thank u:)...leo..i'm speechless:)

Yellow Tulip said...

thank u for the lovely comment mysterious gal...n yaa yellowtulip is hopelessly in love !!...:)its jus a start:)...

Arv said...


dropping in through Vinay...

this is one awesome poetry of that phase arising from broken dreams...

Gone through this couple of years back... as painful as it seems, it only makes you come out stronger :)

take care and hope to read more from you...


Rose said...

Firstly, Thanks to leo, that he introduced me to a blog of such a beautiful writer:)

Secondly, the poem is really very...ummm...touching...I can actually relate to it. Reminded me of my best buddy, who is no longer with me now. We had a bad fight:(
Anyways, we shall discuss it some other day may be :p

"I’m now only seeing someone else in your face,

I’m really too disturbed and have lost my peace."

very deep indeed:)

Thirdly, I'm very glad to see my extended family see, rose and tulip...tulip and rose, we the flowers :D

Fourthly, you got a new follower. But please forgive me if I dont comment regularly, but I'm always reading all the blogs on my blog list:)

Yellow Tulip said...

thank u all...:)...this is my first try in bloggin really feels good :)...


no probs dear...we r family after all..:)...

thank u for all the comments...:)..

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