Thursday, February 25, 2010


Memories together we make
ears of fondling thoughts

illing emptiness with love
lthough fights we have
Mistakes are soon forgiven
Interesting life we share
oving and bonding forever
Yeah! that is family


Monday, February 22, 2010


Outburst of

Kisses and


Love with
Glow in the
Heat of the moment as
Tears drop at first rush

Monday, February 15, 2010


Greed for men
Long lasting
Desire for women


Saturday, February 13, 2010

GOODBYE letter...

Dear Heart,

I choose you. I hope and wish this life to be only a phase in this eternity and to get over with it with a blink of an eye because my dear, nothing seems beautiful without you. I have lived another world with you but cant run away from what is true, no more...I wish I was blind so i could avoid seeing anyone but you. If only we knew how to make all our dreams come true.. Dreams of watching you first thing in the morning with the first rays of sun shimmering over your beautiful face. A dream of holding you forever in my arms and be bound in your love. To live together as one. To watch you sleep in the full moonlight.. just to dream more so we could live them all.. A dream to have your little ones.. A dream to play in outstretched sand with turquoise blue sea blessing us love with every wave.. A dream to make love in an open sky's arm.. to watch those stars fading behind your sparkling eyes.. A dream of love....

I believe there is many more phases to pass cos my dear my love for you is for eternity.. and so I know I'll soon be yours. Only this time I wish more.. I hope you 'll hold strongly to your dreams, not giving up on them thinking it as only a dream. I want you to remember there is this one who lives your dream, who sure is real yet your dream. I wish you wont get washed away with just a tear. Hope to never dream for a better dream n leave again making me incomplete. I wish you would fight for what is rightfully yours. Its a wish my love, a wish to complete our dream together.

Saying goodbye, My heart now is broken into million pieces so minute and scattered, totally burnt and turned to ashes. It is drowning into the deepest of oceans, hoping someday you shall find it somewhere, With this it hopes you to see this someday that you too lived this wonderful dream.. Not sure it can take this pain any longer..with its last breath saying I'm still yours forever, has sunk into the deepest of all the deep darkness.

Your for eternity,
Bleeding Heart.
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