Thursday, December 31, 2009


Shouting with joy
Happy new year
On i go.
Trying to shoot my

Inside turmoils called

Nervousness but then

Treacherous regrets are
Hiding from me like
Endless darkness but here

Deep down there is
An enormous faith
Raising so bright
Killing with one shot.

PS: Happy new year to all:)

happy new year

Happy new year:).....

Monday, December 21, 2009

Stranger in the mirror

Dare to dream..
Driven by love I would scream..
Dream a little dream

Canvas of passion..
Cravings Or mistaken reaction..
Can call up the storm breaching delusion

All for the playboy's pleasure..
Angel can turn dark with no fear..
At last you find but is only a stranger in the mirror.

Monday, December 7, 2009


She was walking along the sea shores in moonlight tonight, the waves gushing and roaring to kiss her feet, sea breeze caressing her cheeks brushed her curls tugging behind her ears.. Her polished feet endeared by sand, like angel she glides hugging herself, lost in her thoughts.. moaning..with desperation.. hoping and just wishing for no storm or thunderbolt to ever struck. She walks away disappointing the waves.. Her eyes moist with glimpse of goodbyes she once said, aching for her love to return soon, every night she goes to LIGHTHOUSE... praying for it to guide her sailor.. for her sweetheart's safe return.

PS:...i dint get the pic which was in my mind:(..this was the close i cod get...hope u dont mind:)...enjoy...its just a figment of my imagination..

Sunday, December 6, 2009


Pure paradise pleasure
Of overwhelming seduction
Longing for lust
Empowered by erection

Delusions by drugs
Arousing flames of fires
Nights lost in music
Craving for real touch
Enjoying rhythm she swings
Reaching out her audiences

Friday, December 4, 2009


Forced I was grow up, to move on..
To accept the fact for time there is non..
No more silly stuffs you said you liked,,
With each day passing the words just puffed.

So much work and so less time..
Always in hurry like you did some crime..
Those childish smiles and no reasons to pretend..
How I wished it to never end.

Today I see u smiling sunshine..
Being there a kid with eyes sparkling shine..
I see the one who I lost once there..
With popping eyes you join her now everywhere.

I couldn't stop comparing again, I fear..
You see dear you never let me so near..
You always say it's no big deal..
But how is it not when I feel it so real.

Envy again ripping my heart apart..
I cant stand seeing you with her, so I depart..
Torn between happy and sad,I go dumb..
I stay still embracing numb.

Happy I'm for I can see you smiling again..
But lost is my smile with no hope to regain..
Sitting beside, watching crimson sky so late..
I know now, silence my dear is real soul mate.

Silence is where my pain seems fake..
But no more of this I really cant take..
You are mine and I cant share it ever..
I would rather choose numbness forever.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009


Like sky
My dreams are high
No fear I have I lie
Love light I might not get so I
Do cry

P.S: do read the pic as well:)...its too good:)...sometimes eyes do cry:)jus got in google:)
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