Friday, December 4, 2009


Forced I was grow up, to move on..
To accept the fact for time there is non..
No more silly stuffs you said you liked,,
With each day passing the words just puffed.

So much work and so less time..
Always in hurry like you did some crime..
Those childish smiles and no reasons to pretend..
How I wished it to never end.

Today I see u smiling sunshine..
Being there a kid with eyes sparkling shine..
I see the one who I lost once there..
With popping eyes you join her now everywhere.

I couldn't stop comparing again, I fear..
You see dear you never let me so near..
You always say it's no big deal..
But how is it not when I feel it so real.

Envy again ripping my heart apart..
I cant stand seeing you with her, so I depart..
Torn between happy and sad,I go dumb..
I stay still embracing numb.

Happy I'm for I can see you smiling again..
But lost is my smile with no hope to regain..
Sitting beside, watching crimson sky so late..
I know now, silence my dear is real soul mate.

Silence is where my pain seems fake..
But no more of this I really cant take..
You are mine and I cant share it ever..
I would rather choose numbness forever.


Americanising Desi said...

beautiful but sad and you remind me how wrong it is to kill myself with even the slightest bit of thoughts like u meantioned.

I could feel happy for him but I just cant lie

Yellow Tulip said...

@Americanising Desi-:)

glad to hear tat's too precious to lose and give up for such things...

sometimes feels overwhelm and get exaggerated. i think tats when we need to be practical and think clearly...

i'm glad i'm tulip here and jus rant about anythin... it gives me space and time to rethink wat's goin wrong:)..

glad u enjoyed my write:)

Anonymous said...

that is so lovely tulip!

i always enjoy visiting your blog..

SandyCarlson said...

The sadness is palpable. This is poignant.

Carlos Gesmundo said...

Sometimes death is the answer. Not in this case, I think. Thanks for sharing this post, Tulip.

An Ordinary Gal said...

it was so nice and sad...feelings are very well expressed :)

Jaunty anima said...

Envy eats up...but u can't kill urself....hav to fight out this enemy called envy...move on!!!
But tulip...u always write it wud be a cliche to mention that again!!:) ;) :D

- Sugar Cube - said...

Bitter- sweet!

I loved it!


Never give up hope, hope is what keeps life going.
Loved the read.


pRiYaN...! said...

i always love your choice of words !! and this time here its purely amazing...

Being Pramoda... said... soo excited to have read ur full flow after a lonng lonngg time..:) veryyy sweet, cute and shaky poem..:) Thanks gal..

Cursed♪♫ said...

It's beautiful.
Your flow of makes it all feel so real.
When I was reading your poem, I could actually feel a lump grow in my heart. That numbness.
You write very well.
Take Care :)

spottedwolf said...

the tendency of narcissism is directly proportionate to the ability to proportionalize gain or loss...

maybe the bane of ego is merely the experiment ..... by its cause/effect

Yellow Tulip said...

@ Shraddha-

thank u dear:)...glad u liked it like always:)

Yellow Tulip said...

@ SandyCarlson -

thank u dear:)

Yellow Tulip said...

@Carlos Gesmundo-

death is never an answer to anythin dear... :(..thank u :)..glad u liked it

Yellow Tulip said...

@An Ordinary Gal -

thank u dear...glad u liked it:)

Yellow Tulip said...

@Jaunty anima-

soo true dear..its better to confront and spell all our doubts and feelings without caring much of ego gettin hurt than to feel crippled n tortured by eny i think:)...

thank u:)

Yellow Tulip said...

@ Sugar Cube-

thank u dear:)

Yellow Tulip said...


yaa...but hopin for somethin which is like 0.111% in our favor is madness and excruciating sometimes...

thank u dear

Yellow Tulip said...


thank u dear:)...glad u liked it

Yellow Tulip said...

@ Pramoda-

yaa :)..thank u dear:)...glad u liked it:)..

Yellow Tulip said...


wow...tat was some impact... thank u soo much dear...u all really inspire me write it better with each post

Yellow Tulip said...


hmmm... thank u..:).

Amity Me said...

Oh, dear, sad thoughts again...but this moment in my life, I can relate to your poem in so many ways...

Yellow Tulip said...

@Amity Me -

thank u dear:)....i guess atleast once all wod have felt this feel right/

Princess Sonshu said...

This is a very um poignant piece, very well written and expressed beautifully!

Yellow Tulip said...

@Princess Sonshu-

thank u dear;)...

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