Sunday, June 20, 2010

Living a dream

Like dew drops my dear, you fill her heart with so much desire..
So clear and pure, it tends to grow with every smile and sight of yours..
How strange it is, but when you talk in crowd with all..
The dew drops fall, shatters and scatters with reality striking hard..

Her heart weeps, for she has sinned by wanting you to love her more..
With every dawn, this love for you blooms again..
New desires and wish grow again, capturing your bright sunshine smile..
Her poor heart builds all the hope and flies high on cloud 9..

From dawn till dusk, she lives happy and loud like innocent kid enjoying its first step..
Unaware of the dark cloud coming ahead, she's still living her beautiful dream..
She sees you in all this shining armor, marching forward only to rescue her..
Sadly my dear, with night comes nightmares that she can hardly escape..

She still finds you beside smiling and asleep, but then you were never there with her whole day..
Confused her soul, of whats real and whats reel..
Poor heart, she weeps all night alone..
With love for you still intact, she falls asleep on cold wet night..

Blame it on dawn, for she wakes up next day..
With growing love and desiring for more..
One silly wish, for her love to be matched by only yours..
Her day repeats, but then is it a boon or a curse?!!..

She lives the day like as if she's blessed..
But as night comes she knows it is not..
So conflicting it is,this dream from reality..
Living a dream is it really a sweet escape?!!

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