Saturday, August 8, 2009

Reply to me

Playing in meadows, I broke my knee,
Looked around, but you were nowhere to see.
My tears fell, like dry leaves from tree,
With broken heart, my hopes flee.

It was Christmas Eve, friends and family everywhere,
The spirit of joy, carols’ melody in the air.
Plan I had to catch you in red, with lots of gifts piling in room,

Awww…my Santa never did come, and I got gifts of frowning gloom.

Mistakes I made, when once a kid,
People around smiled and said, how cute and sweet a toddler she is.
Where were you to say back then, don’t do this kid you will hurt or get hurt,
With time I grew and a mistake I did, see now I hurt my only sweetheart.

For every trophy I ever won, how I wished to be held up in sky,
What held you back, now please don’t lie.
I miss my time of pestering you, for lots of gifts and lots of frocks,
Trapped I am in this dark, lost I have your magic lock.

Today I’m here, writing my plea,
I need answers, now please reply to me.
No memories to cherish, is my only regret,
What wrong I did, really for this to get.

Just a letter to you it might seem, or may even throw like a piece of scrap,
Neither mails nor ever u called, now no deed of yours can bridge this gap,
But dad, this is my cry for nightmares I have,
Reply to me, for this once to save.

10 comments: said...

awww ... it made my heart sob sob ... nd I love the way u use these black n white skecthes ... I thnk the way these sketches potray an image no colored pik can ... loved it !!!

Yellow Tulip said...

thank u:)....dear:)....

yamini meduri said...

hello Yellow Tulip...!!!

it was a pleasure reading you....lovely write up....!!!

welcome to the will defly have a great time here...keep writing dear..!!!

get some time and visit my Land Of dreams....!!!

Yellow Tulip said...

sure dear...:)..thank u:)

Anonymous said...

a very nice letter Tulip!

Yellow Tulip said...

thank u for the topic leo:)....

Princess Sonshu said...

A very nice letter..well written

Yellow Tulip said...

thank u princess:)..i'm honoured:)

Anonymous said...

Lovely ..very touching on e..!

Yellow Tulip said...

@ Vyshu -

thank u...glad u liked it:)

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