Monday, August 17, 2009

My First Tag:)

Leo tagged me this!(Happy birthday leo)
More about the TAG:
The idea is, to list five items in each category and not necessarily in order of likings.
You can always add or subtract categories according to your will. Then tag five people.

My five favorite words:

2. yeah!!..
3. hmmmm!!:)
4. oook!!

My five favorite celebrity crushes:
3.Huge Jackman
4.Matt damon
5.George Clooney

My five favorite random things:
1.Cellphone- I keep losing it
2.Books-Mills & Boon(addicted!!)
4.Computer- internet!
5.pencils and my pad

My five favorite Comic characters:
1.Calvin & Hobbes
4. Mickey-Donald

My five favorite Literary Characters:
1. Cleopatra.( Antony and Cleopatra )
2. Tom Snout (A Midsummer Night's Dream.)
3. Aphrodite (The Iliad)
5. Radha (Mahābhārata)

My five tag victims:
2. Rane
3. Pramoda Meduri
4. Rose
5. all who like this tag

Happy tag!!:)


Anonymous said...

:) Well Done Dear ..:)

Yellow Tulip said...

thank u:)...

Pranav Kumar V said...

Damn cool!! You know what sets you apart in life?? The first comic strip you've mentioned as your favs!! :D Its a magical world buddy!! ;)

Cheers to Good-old-Billy!! :D

Later gater, see you when I see you... :D

Pramoda Meduri said...

hey ... goodd..:)

and yar ... u have tahhed mee... :(....hehe ...ok will do it ..:)

~PakKaramu~ said...

Pak Karamu reading and visiting your blog said...

cppl :)
u r fun to read :)

Anonymous said...

ohk.. i m tagged.. gr88.. i'll do it.

Yellow Tulip said...

@ Pranav Kumar V -

thank u:)...

Yellow Tulip said...

@ Pramoda Meduri -

yaa:)..thank u dear:)...

Yellow Tulip said...

hey suga..
thank u dear:)..

Yellow Tulip said...

@ ~PakKaramu~ -

thank u :)

Yellow Tulip said...

@ pinkZz -
yaa:)..thank u dear:)..

Americanising Desi said...

i love Calin and Honnes too and Archiessss.. yum yum!

Pramoda Meduri said...

Hi done with ur tag..:) Thank you.

Yellow Tulip said...

@ Americanising Desi -

take this tag naa:)..thank u:)

Yellow Tulip said...

@ Pramoda Meduri -
yaa dear did see:)...brilliantly done:)

Rose said...


Thanks for this tag...never done a tagging before tho...but I'll love to do this:D

Nice to know you sis:)


Yellow Tulip said...

@ Rose -

thank u dear:)...*hugs*

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