Saturday, August 22, 2009


This tag Princess Sonshu tagged me in. This one to cheer u all..Enjoy..
So basically i have to do numbers and relate each number to my life

1. My sweet sister
2. Best Friends Forever
3. My birthday
4. Engineering
5. All time fav hobbies (Swimming, Dancing, Horse riding, Pencil sketch, Rhyming)
6. With 9” summer 69” my fav song
7. HP collection
8. Minimum 8 hours of sleep
9. My work starts at 9
10. Min after 10 my birth time
11. I’m superstitious of this year [2011]
12. I always wait who’ll wish me first for my Birthday
13. Nothing important
14. Valentine’s day and its color code masti.. Each year it keeps changing
15. I was stuck for 15 min..dint get anything soo this is it..i was stuck for 15 min in 15!! He he
16. When I was doing this tag, I had 16 posts so far
17. Getting pastries and hiding it without sist’s knowledge
18. My sister’s birthday

I tag Pramoda Meduri , Yamini Meduri , Pinkzz, Americanising Desi , Arv!!
This tag is also open to all…

Happy counting


yamini meduri said...

loved the way u did ur tag dear...will do mine soon..!!! thanks for taggin me..!!!

wowie...Meduri sisters tagged together..!!!

Yellow Tulip said...

:)..thank u dear:)...

Americanising Desi said...

so you were born on the 3rd... the date or the month? hehehe
i m curious now :D

oh and thank you for this tag.
seems like my brain has to tick again :S



Good tag to kick start one's brain.

Happy week-end.


Princess Sonshu said...

Good tag!! well done!!

Yellow Tulip said...

@ Americanising Desi -

its jan 3rd:)..thank u dear:)..hope u'll enjoy it too:)..i know i did:)..

Yellow Tulip said...

@ Yvonne-

thank u dear:)..happy weekend to u too:)

Yellow Tulip said...

@ Princess Sonshu -

thank u princess:)..he he:)

Anonymous said...

Nice tag ..:) you cud do the counting till 18..Great indeed..

LOL@ 15!


Yellow Tulip said...

@ Vyshu -

thank u..:)..u try it out too:)...its fun:)

Creativity!! said...

Simple & Beautiful Tag Dear :)

Yellow Tulip said...

Creativity!! -

thank u dear:)glad u liked it...u can try it too:)..

Anonymous said...

wow.. loved it..!
i'll do it soon.. thnx fo taggin !

Yellow Tulip said...

@ pinkZz -

thank u dear:)...will be waiting:)

Anonymous said...

hmm... your sis will know about the pastries in advance now! :D

Anonymous said...

oh and i loved ur answer for 13 :D

nice tag! :)

Americanising Desi said...

p.s. u asked me how my family and friends respond to me...

1. they never read what i write.
2. they all think i have a hold in my head. :)

u wont at least hear my dad and mom say anuthing which will make u happy to knw me.
for them i am a rebel and maybe i will cause them a bad name :)

Yellow Tulip said...

@ Leo -

thank u dear...:)..yaa she kind of dont like my surprises nw!!..he he..soo its k dear:)

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