Tuesday, November 3, 2009

SS #1

Tara-“gran…there is something you should know…”

Gran-“yeah tell me…you know these days kids of your age never listen to anything. See Only yesterday..”

Tara scared-“grandma….hear me out will you, It’s…it is important”

Gran-“see this is what I mean…you people hardly listen…Huhh….tell me what’s that...”

Tara trembling-“well…you know…it’s…”

Gran encouragingly-“hmmm...”

Tara wondering what and how to approach-“ gran…you know…there has been many mysterious missing cases of cattle lately, and villagers are worried and last week Chandu’s classmate Raaghav… He had a fight with Chandu and next day he too was found missing…”

Gran a little annoyed with where the discussion was heading-“now… now… it’s so wrong of you, It’s just a coincidence. He’s still a kid Tara. Don’t blame him…he’s only a child”

Tara scared she might never say it again reproached-“yeah Gran… I know but it’s just… I know that you know what is the reason behind all these.. Don’t you think we should tell dad... I mean he doesn’t really belong here you know...I... I’m scared”

Gran too petrified with the thought of losing him-“no way Tara… I have brought him up like my own son… We found him alone scared and little. I know your dad did not want anything to do with it. He just wanted to avoid complications involved with villagers and all that; well… you remember don’t you, we couldn’t have left him there all alone. Tara don’t be a kid he’s not going to harm anyone.”

Tara pleading-“but… he needs to eat; All talk grandma… He’s growing big and he needs his home. A real one from where he had come. I know he was lost and we found him in our farm that evening. How can I forget… that day was the best. We had our picnic and and Chandu found him from nowhere… but… grans we cant hide him anymore…”

Gran-“This is his home…safe…and no one doubts… even today, unless you plan to tell everyone. If he goes I go… there’s nothing to be scared of or talk … where will he go? What is the guarantee that he’s going to be safe? … Not another word… listen Tara you better concentrate on other things. There are millions of things you need to learn and worry about and this is the least of all…”

Tara now annoyed with her Gran’s stubbornness left the room still not convinced she decides not sure if it is right but still goes to her dad. Not sure of what he’ll do scared of him now more than ever she says-“dad….”

4 hours later….

There were 3 vehicles standing outside the gate… Men in uniforms coming out so fierce. An officer shaking hands with her dad. People gathered to see what was going on… murmers and gossips…

Dad –“we are extremely sorry sir. I had no idea about this. All these years…I’m really sorry for this inconvenience and disappointed.”

Officer excited-“not at all Sir. It’s the right thing you did by calling us. It did not take much time for us to talk to forest officer about this. I guess everything will be fine. All are safe now. . by the way how old is he? ”

Dad still in shock-“1 or 2 years. My mom says he’ll be turning 2 this month… sir… about that kid.”

Officer more enthusiastically-“oh yeah…. He’s just been to his uncle’s place for a week... Nothing to worry...”

As they were talking five men came out trying hard to not let go of the Tiger. Excitement and sound scaring him more, the Tiger tries to cut the cuffs. Tara with her granny silently crying at the corner holding her brother who was trying to run towards the Tiger... He shouts-“you’ll kill him. Murderers…. He is harmless…let go off me…Tara its all your fault… Save him now…”

P.S: My first question how’s it? ... Second who’s right...Tara or Grans? ...wod like to know ur opinion…
P.S.S: please be kind.. any corrections welcome:)...this is usually not my thing:)...


Anonymous said...

I guess Tara has a right to be worried! Maybe the tiger wasn't the one who is responsible in the big picture, but she was worried for a good reason too! :)

Lovely write up!

Anu...:) said...

Hey that was very nice!:)

Hmm..I guess Tara was right....the tiger should live in the place where it belongs...or if it indeed had to live with the family,the whole of the village should know about it and accept it.

Ria said...

if u ask for my second opinion i think Tara is justified in being worried, btw nice post gurl!! :)


Personally I think Tara was right to be worried, but it wasn't the tigers fault, it should have been in it's own enviroment. It's a catch 22 situation.
Good read and thought provoking.

अनिल कान्त : said...

Nice Post !!

I like your style

Jim said...

Tara was right, Tiger could not live with the family as an adult. They were not equiped nor knowledgable enough to keep him.

I like your ending, it leaves the reader wondering. Yes, it could be killed or taken to a sanctuary.

Since it probably killed the cattle it may not be safe for other cattle for him to live. He is now a 'killer animal.' Readers will decide.

Your story is good, it develops fairly fast, and keeps little surprises as it goes.

One question, have you thought who your reading audience will be? It seems to me that might be teens or near teens. It could work for a case study in a social science class.

My thoughts here. And now keep writing, you are looking good.

Amity Me said...

nice story, with much lessons in life...:)

awesome Yellow Tulip!


Americanising Desi said...

your wise-ness always leaves me complexed :|

HaRy!! said...

hmm i think its wise to say Tara was right to be worried...wadayasay?!


Yellow Tulip said...

Thank you all:)....soo i go with u all as well...thank u for ur lovely comments:)

ScarletTd1ar1es said...

come on!!! when u talk as cute as that u will b noticed. :)
u l b hearin 4m me soon.

ps: part 2 is ready.

Yellow Tulip said...


thank u dear:):)..

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