Friday, November 6, 2009

Happy 50th:)...

I found a way to let my thoughts and feeling out here. Sometimes it is just crazy wacko ideas and sometimes just silly thoughts. Whatever I scribble here it comes straight from the heart. It is now like a friend. Leo got me to join Blogspot, and today I’m here writing my 50th post!.. Initially I was too reluctant to write here [I still am to write personally!!] but don’t know how leo aka vinay convinced me for which I’m really greatful:)..

When I don’t know what to do, I read, I comment and I learn. I enjoy reading your feed backs, blogs your writes, poems; you’re all so kind and nice. Thanks to all of you who comment, you really make me smile when I’m all lost and upset, now I know where to see for that lost smile. I hope you all do enjoy your read here, Thank you for noticing me. It is real pleasure to see how my followers have increased to 56 and I hope it keeps increasing!! ..

I don’t know if I ever said this before but I enjoy all the blogs which is there in my list. You all really are fabulous in what you are doing:) continue:)..
My special thanks to

Leo [Vinay]- you have been my first friend out here.. You have showed me a new world… of course those template hunting and renovating my blog. Thank u dear:)… love your work:)… hmmm the most I enjoy is your acro, fibs, actually jus all your poems…

AD [Seher]- Seriously what is your name!!?... he he…you are amazing gal. all the blogs you have managed… its jus wow..I’ll always be wondering what next you write. Especially your 13s, bashing, shots of questions, almost everything..:)..Hope you get married soon!!.. You’re really an amazing frien sweets:)..Keep smiling and if possible I would really love to meet you:).. oo yaa thank u for the book:)… I finally could finish it and its jus as you said:)…brilliant:)..

Pramoda- The first thing which comes to my mind is wow…soo intense and complex writings:)… I love the interaction session!!:)… You have made me think of things which I wouldn’t have bothered to even look twice otherwise:).. Thank you for being such a lovely frien dear:)…you are a true inspiration:)..

Yvoune- I would like to thank you for your constant support dear:)… I respect you a lot. Do take care of yourself:).. I enjoy your poems, the way you sing it with such ease.. all the pain and all the joy of your life:)… you make me feel life is beautiful:)..

Pinkzz and Rose- missing you gals hope to see you more often:)…

Pankuri- missing you too dear:)…take care:)..i enjoy your writes and comments a lot:)..thank you bud:)

Creativity- love your tips a lot dear:)…enjoying it!!:)..hehe.. With each read I find something new and creative:)…keep blogging dear:)… take care:)..

Yamini- A true heart of compassion:)… thank you for being my frien dear:)… I support you in all the causes.. Be it for the girls who r bound by their tradition r those strong women who have fought against breast cancer. Hats off to you for spreading the awareness:)..

Nagede- thank you sir for introducing me to 55s… enjoy the passion filled poems:).. your write is very passionate and intense:).. loved it

Princess sonshu- :)..thank you sweetie:) are a lovely princess:)..

Rosh[Roshwrite]- brilliant cute lovely blog you have dear:).. I enjoy reading you:) :)…..thank you

Freelancer- thank you for lovely comments:)…hope to see you more often:)…I truly enjoy your nags and poems. loved this template.. :)…take care:)

Jim and Adi- thank you for the lovely comments.. have left an impression in my heart:)…

Hary- wow…you have a very good sense of humor:)…. Always bring a smile on my face:)…thank you for making me smile always:)..

Anu- dear thank you for correcting me:)…and helping out in improving my write:)… thank you for being a lovely frien dear:)

Juhi- enjoy your writes a lot gal:)…your blogs very creative:).. be it poems, photos, tags or even awards. You do it with style:)..Keep rocking:)

Wana- wow… .awesome collections you bring out dear:)…I always wish to have it in my wardrobe!!..:).. thank u:)..

Shruthi- when will you pulish a book?:)…awesome fictionist:)he he…thank you dear;)

Amity me- lovely blog dear:)…love the way you take all the challenges:)…be it acro r the osi:).. it’s a pleasure knowing you:)..

Ria- thank you dear:)… enjoy your poems:)… I love the template very much:)

Guria- love your writes dear:)… very thought provocative:)…Thank u for being such a darling ;)

Kajal- thank you for just continuing to blog:)… I enjoy reconnecting myself in you:)

Gemma- amazing haikus and a photographer:)…thank you:)

THANK YOU DEAR The Write Girl, shraddha, Sandeep Balan, Happy birdie, The Solitary Writer, Tammie Lee, gautami, Riya, Linda, Aparna, kasabiangirl, swapna, aarthi, Arv, sash, juhi, nagede

Hope you all keep commenting on my work,.

Thank you for bearing this long post:)…would like to forward the awards I have received so far;)…thank you guria, AD, Happy birdie, sash, pramoda, Pankuri, nagede for recognizing me:) and showering with these:)….

Thank you Guria

I would like to pass it to:


Thank you AD

I would like to pass it to:
Thank you Happy Birdie

Thank you Sash

Thank you Pramoda

I would like to pass it to:


Thank you Pramoda and Nagede

Thank you Pramoda

I would like to pass it to:

The Write Girl

Thank you Guria

I would like to pass it to:
Thank you Pankuri

I would like to pass it to:
Thank you Shruthi

Thank you Shruthi
Thank you Shruthi

I would like to pass it to:
Thank you Guria

Thank you Guria

Thank you Juhi

I would like to pass it to:


Finally this one's just from me:)

To :


Thank you for your Kind patience:)
Have a great day :)
Take Care!
Lots of ♥,



Many thanks for the awards, if I knew how to download them to my blog I would be delighted. I only know a limited amount on a pc....and that took ages to fathom it out.
Once again Many thanks for thinking of me.


Creativity!! said...

Dear, Hearty Congratulations On Your 50th Post :) :) Beautiful Celebration Dear :) :) Thanks For Lovely Words & Also For Introducing To Many Other Bloggers :) :) Will Surely Visit There Blogs Too :) :)

Thanks A Zillion For The Awards :) :) Excellent Fabulous Celebration Dear :) :)

All The Very Best Success :) :) Wish You Many More Centuries :) :)

..pAnKHuRi.. said...


This was one of the best ways in which you could have scribbled your 50th post !! I mean Wow !!
I just woke up..And you made my day soo lucky !!! Wowww !!
You cant even iamgine that I am really realllyyyy happyyyy :) :)

I am too missing you dear !! Its getting quite tough to manage skul and blog both..So I kinda have a tough time in managing them..But yes !! I am backk with a bang ! Hopefullyyy !!!!

Loveee you loads !!!
A thanks would be not enough to show my gratitude..So A special chocolate for you !!!!! :) :)

pakka pakka pakka !!! :) :)

MAy god bless you to the fullest and may these 50 posts turn into 1000 very soon :) :)

Lastly..I think my name is quite a problem for many AS i JUST CAME TO KNOWW :D You messed up my spelling mostly everywhere :D

So its P-A-N-K-H-U-R-I :) :)

thankss a ton !!!!!!!!!
Byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee and take care :) :) :) :)
cheers !!!

Anonymous said...

Congrats dear Tulip.

May you write more
cross a thousand crore
for words you pour
comes from a heart pure

Thank You for the Award, its always a delight to receive.

Riya Rocks said...

Congrats Dearie for ur 50th Post :)
n ya Thanks a ton for "Our Lovely Blog Award"

Keep Blooging
Keep Rocking ;)

Amity Me said...

Hi Yellow Tulip;

wowww...thank you so much for the two lovely gifts/blog awards from you...:)

sure i will post it in my space to add beauty and to remind me that there's a beautiful Yellow Tulip who cares for me as much as i adore, love and care for her till blogging will be here and maybe even thereafter!

love you sweetie!!!

i will claim my award and have it posted in my site, okay?

love yah!!!

be here for you always!


Amity Me said...

see...i just placed it in my space and it really added much beauty now...:)

thanks so much!


- Sugar Cube - said...

Woohoo! Yellow tulip! :D
Congratualtions on making half century :)

And thanks the awards..not one , two , three but 4 !! Whoa :P
Thanks girl!

Keep blogging!

Being Pramoda... said...

hi Nanditha,

thank youu soo much for ur love towards my blog dear..loved ur post and am soo honored to receive those lovelyy awards..:)

Thanks alott..and keep showing gratitude for the people whom u love..

all the very best for ur lonnggg journeyy in blogging...

Anonymous said...

ahhh Nandu,
congratulations on hitting half century.
write more and get century n deca century soon too! :)

thank u for the words you said at the beginning and also the 5 lovely awards u have given me! i will take n put in my blog surely! :)

all the best for the continuation of journey. :)

Ria said...

thats a whole lot of awards!! :) And thanks a ton for showering me with so many awards. :) Hugs!!

Yellow Tulip said...

@ Yvonne-
thank u dear:)...jus click on the award. then right click on the mouse and save it:)...but i'm jus happy tat u liked:)...u deserve all:)...thank u for receiving:)

Yellow Tulip said...

@ Creativity-

thank u dear:)...with u all around will never know hw many centuries i might reach:)...thank u:)

Yellow Tulip said...

@ pAnKHuRi-

ooops sorry with the spell dear:)..i'm really overwhelmed with ur response:)...glad to hear ur bang back:)...hope to see u more dear:)...take care

Yellow Tulip said...

@ swapna-

that was for sure
a lovely way to ensure
my dear presence of your
thank you..your words now secure:)..

Yellow Tulip said...

@ Riya-

thank u dear:)...

Yellow Tulip said...

@ Amity Me-

thank u dear:) are soo sweet :)..*hugs*

Yellow Tulip said...

@ Amity Me-
will check you soon dear:)...thank u for accepting:)

Yellow Tulip said...

@ Sugar Cube-

my pleasure dear:) deserve it all and lot more:)....thank u :)

Yellow Tulip said...

@ Pramoda-

thank u dear:)...yep will always be grateful:)..thank u again:)

Yellow Tulip said...

@ Leo-

thank u leo:)....its been a lovely journey so far:)hope to continue too:)

Yellow Tulip said...

@ Ria-

you welcome gal*hugs* deserve it all:)...thank u:)

Jim said...

Ms. Tulip, thank you so much. That award is special to me (and I am not too much into awards), I really appreciate this one.
One of my purposes in blog writing is to give some smiles. Smiles make our world a better place to live.

Congratulations on your 50th post. Now you know you can, keep on keep'n on. :-)

Mostly I read the OSIs on your blog, sometimes I come just to be here. You have a nice pleasant blog and your poems are very nicely written. Thank you for those.

Yellow Tulip said...

@ jim-

thank u:)

Anonymous said...

thank you for the generous awards!!

i appreciate it!

The Solitary Writer said...

thanks a lot fr the awards
nd happy 50th post :)

Jaunty anima said... thanks so much...And U deserve even more awards!!Keep writting with the same spirit..Congrats 4 ur 5oth...Go on...n make ur 500th!!!

Americanising Desi said...

i have no words absolutely to thank you by. you are the star of my life taking the centre stage. honestly i havent been so loved :)

i m lucky to have found rare gems on this plat form.

hugs baby
and congrats :)

i'll always be around till i m alive.

freelancer said...

aww...thanxie nan

dat was real sweet of u

and yea u are writing a lot!! and i need to keep up

The Write Girl said...

What a post here!!! You have wracked up quite a bit of hardware as they like to say. This is a testament to your writing and your ability to connect with an audience. Congratulations on your 50 and may you have many more. Best wishes : )

rimz said...

thanku u dear..:)

Guria said...

I didn't comment before... but so many awards at one go did render me speechless, just like your poetry does. And it will always be your poetry that brings me back over and over again. I am a bad commentator, unlike you, but I spend a lot of time reading what you write as they touch an inexplicable chord in me every time. Never stop writing. We love them, and You! :)
Muaahh! :)

Yellow Tulip said...

@ Shraddha-


Yellow Tulip said...

@ Jaunty anima -

thank u dear:).. definitely:)

Yellow Tulip said...

@ The Solitary Writer-

thank u:)

Yellow Tulip said...

@ Americanising Desi-

thank u dear:)...

Yellow Tulip said...

@ freelancer-

yaa:)...hope to see u more often:)

Yellow Tulip said...

@ The Write Girl -

he he:)...thank u dear:)

Yellow Tulip said...

@ rimz-

u deserve it all dear:)

Yellow Tulip said...

@ Guria-

that was very touchy:)..glad to hear tat:)...thank u dear:)...

Anonymous said...

hey girl..thanku

Yellow Tulip said...

@ pinkZz -

thank u dear:)..u deserve it:)

Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot for the lovely award and congrats on your 50th! Now it's more than 50 :)

I guess I'm the last one to thank you..Happy blogging and have a nice day!

Rose said...

awww...i miss blogging so much nowadays...but i promise to be back with a bang...very soon...jus b a regular reader..(applicable wen i becaome a regular writer:P)

Thanks for the badges...i jus love them:)

keep writing...and m always around...reading everyone...just not visible...but i love your work..:)

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