Friday, September 18, 2009


Tempting breeze, like pirate with sexy streaks,
Streaks of Envy indeed to admiring eyes,
Eyes he caught of sweet innocent leaf,
Leaf struggling to resist its charms still angry on tree,

Tree not sure of leaf’s anguish, for once it ignored,
Ignored did tree, was what caused leaf to doubt its care,
Care was that entire tree was sure, happy he was in his world,
World of love, pamper and laughter they shared forever and now,

Now feared to lose his beloved leaf he did dance on her tips,
Tip of the edge she was on, grabbing his arms she was glad,
Glad to see her loving tree fighting for her not to leave,
Leave her tree she never would, but like stubborn kid she cried for more,

More dreams did breeze did show with every blow
Blow straight did tree stretching its arms possessively
Possessively hugging yet again leaf felt carefree
Carefree breeze moved on flirting again in whispering nights.

Nights I lay like wounded bird, missing you and all alone
Alone he sees, comes to me now with same promises and charm,
Charm his works, a moment I feel like I fell for this,
This trap you see, with warrior’s spirit you come back,

Back from endless fight, just to fight for me here,
Here in your arms how lucky and safe I do feel,
Feel of chill of his blow warding off you wrap me close,
Close to you I’m blessed keeps me wondering all the time,

Time passes with flow of sand in an hourglass
Hourglass now shattered by disappointed breeze
Breeze I’m thanking u more no time can now stop our love
Love i do, him more each time u shower those temptations.

PS: tried loop my first one...dint come tat well..was messed with those rules..but enjoyed this story:)..was fun:)


Creativity!! said...

Hey, I Am First!!!!!!!!!!!

Creativity!! said...

I Wanted To Be First....Now Let Me Read & Comment.....Now, I Am Second :D

Creativity!! said...

Ohh......I Am Third :D Dear Superb Poem :D Fantastic :) Fabulous :) :) Excellent :D


This is a wonderful poem, as one would expect from you, Made lovely reading.
I am fourth:


Yellow Tulip said...

@ Creativity-


Yellow Tulip said...

@ Yvonne-

thank u dear:)...glad u liked it...:)...i'm little sad tat this is not perfect loop though:(...but wth:)..i damn enjoyed writing it:)...thank u dear:)

Anonymous said...

oh its nice Tulippy! :)

its not perfect maybe.. but its a wonderful start! :)

Yellow Tulip said...

@ Leo-

thank u leo:)

Yellow Tulip said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Shruti said...

Hmmmm!! A good write up! I enjoyed reading it!
Yes looping wasn't proper! Never mind!
Always you have the next time

Creativity!! said...

Hey Dear, Visit My Blog In Your Free Time To Find Century Post :D

Being Pramoda... said...

:..hey ...loop poetry..u have done it well...nice expressions with the apt use of words..:)

Good one..keep it up!

Yellow Tulip said...

@ Shruti -

yaa thank u dear:)..will try next one properly:)

Yellow Tulip said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Yellow Tulip said...

@ Creativity-

sure dear wod,nt miss it:)

Yellow Tulip said...

@ Pramoda-

thank u dear glad u liked it:)

Ria said...

just so wonderful...and i love the pic. :)

Anonymous said...

good one dear :)

Yellow Tulip said...

@ Ria -

thank u sweetie:)...glad u liked it:)

Yellow Tulip said...

@ pinkZz-

thank u dear:)

saumya shrivastava said...

lovely poem...!

Yellow Tulip said...

@ saumya shrivastava -

thank u dear:)..

Anonymous said...

wow! nice words!

Escapist said...

Thats awesome as usual....


P.S:- I enjoy the depth of your wordz.

Yellow Tulip said...

@ Wana -

thank u dear:)

Yellow Tulip said...

@ Escapist-

thank u dear:)

P.S:- thank u very much dear:)...glad u liked it:)

rimz said...

hii...1st time here...
just loved dis piece...:)

Yellow Tulip said...

@ rimz-

thank u dear:)...hope to see u more

Anonymous said...

good one there..:) Enjoyed reading it..!

Yellow Tulip said...

@ Vyshu-

thank u dear:)

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